Corporate could manage operation risk(Inventory, Foreign exchange exposure risk, etc..) by using AXE for Procurement Solution. AXE for Procurement helps corporate to avoid unnecessary risk and lower opportunity costs.

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A recurrent neural network reuses the result of data processing (which would be passed along to the next recurrent neural network) for the next data processing with new data from the preceding recurrent neural network.

The existence of recurrent data enables AI to output a different result every time even if the preceding recurrent neural network delivers the same data continuously. Therefore, this is more appropriate when recognizing momentum and other time-dependent factors.

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work flow

We feed and preprocess raw data related to the industry for AXE learning. Corporate will judge to reduce various management risks through AXE for Procurement.

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Example of Current Project

We feed and preprocess raw data related to the industry for AXE learning. The raw data for deep learning has been optimized for the industry.

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In current project, We predict raw material price related to petrochemical industry for customer. Customer use our output data for purchasing raw material and reducing their inventory risk.

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Example of Upcoming Project

Create a model for estimating the return of funds based on multiple variables through AXE engine and It helps corporate to manage the liquidity of funds at the end of the month with forecasting of cash withdrawals and future cashflow. The result of cashflow forecasting model will be shown as the Bayesian distribution rather than simple estimate value, that will be more helpful for corporate’s money management.

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AXE engine also predicts direction and trends of Time-series data through its own deep learning model and Bayesian Inference compared to other neural network engines.

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AXE can estimate Aleatoric Uncertainty and Epistemic Uncertainty through Bayesian Inference.



AXE for Procurement engine, owned  neural network engine optimized for Industry data is based on CNN Stacked Autoencoder based data analyzer and has huge predictability compared to other neural network engines.

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The test accuracy of neural network explains excellence of performance for AXE engine




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