Open Positions


Join us to bring cutting-edge technology-driven projects to life that will greatly impact the world and explore boundless opportunities limited only by your ambition. If you believe you could create values with us, you are the right person to apply to our team whatever your backgrounds are.

Open position are including but not limited to:

  • AI Engineer (Seoul, Korea and Toronto, Canada)

  • AI Consultant (Seoul, Korea)

  • Full Stack Software Engineer (Seoul, Korea and Toronto, Canada)

  • Front-end Forward Deployed Software Engineer (Seoul, Korea and Toronto, Canada)

  • Product/Solution Marketing Director (Seoul, Korea)

  • Global Business Developer (Seoul, Korea)


Consultant Program

We run a collaborative program with talented individual researchers and small research teams. Participating in our consultant program will allow you to join our project and secure research fees and/or revenue sharing. Collaborative programs are also available if you already have your own project and need any help from us.


Student Program

More than 30% of our employees were hired through internship. Students attending school, including those who are on leave, can apply for internship or full-time positions. We provide supports for both school and work through 3-day workweek and teleworking systems.