AI ETFs, developed by Qraft, is drawing attention from local media.

A Korean fintech company listed on the NYSE took part in an event to announce the closure of the New York Stock Exchange, drawing attention from local media. This is the first time that an artificial intelligence fund has been exported to the U.S., the financial home of the country. Experts on Wall Street in New York are also watching to see how much AI will do in the fund manager field.

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Taegukgi was hung on the outside wall of the NYSE.

On the 11th, Taegukgi, the national flag of Korea was hung on the outside wall of the NYSE. The executives from Qraft Technologies, Seoul-based AI FinTe ㄴch startup, took part as the main character of "Closing Bell Ceremony", an event that shuts down the stock market. Two AI ETFs developed by Qraft were recently listed on NYSE.

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South Korean firm launches AI ETFs

Beverly Chandler conducts a Q&A interview with South Korea’s Qraft Technologies, led by CEO Hyungsik Kim. Here are some questions.

  • How did you start your ETF?

  • What is it about the AI sector that you like?

  • What does if offer investors?

  • How do you do your research?

  • What is your target audience?

  • Do you have other ETFs?

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The AI ​​ETF developed by a three-years-old start-up company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time in Korea.

Qraft Technologies has been targeting the global market from the ETF preparation stage. Kim Hyung-sik, CEO of Qraft said, "It took about a year for Korea to negotiate with the US-based management company and pass the regulation." and also he said, "We believe the market growth potential is high cause the regulatory authorities and investors are highly interested in AI in the US market."

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Two New Artificial Intelligence ETFs Debut on NYSE
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Hyung-Sik Kim, CEO and co-founder of Qraft Technologies, said they have been working together with ETC to improve the performance of traditional quantitative investment strategies by applying AI technologies. “As our system is ready to compete in the heart of the global financial market, we feel happy but also feel a sense of responsibility for proving AI’s capabilities in the financial market,” Kim said. “In the future, we expect AI-enhanced products have the potential to become substitutes for broad market indices if we prove it with our technologies. I would like to thank everyone at Qraft and ETC for their hard work.”

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Exchange Traded Concepts Partners with Qraft Technologies to Launch Two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered ETFs
Exchange Traded Concepts Partners with Qraft Technologies to Launch Two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered ETFs-3.png

QRFT seeks to provide dynamic exposure to five main factors affecting the U.S. stock market, namely, quality, size, valuation, momentum, and low risk. To create optimal factor weights, the fund using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to continuously learn the correlation of factor returns with various macroeconomic and valuation conditions. AMOM is an actively managed exchange-traded fund which aims to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by utilizing a proprietary artificial intelligence system to select large-capitalization U.S. stocks with exposure to the momentum factor.

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New Active ETFs Run With AI
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Qraft Technologies has launched two artificial-intelligence-based funds through Exchange Traded Concepts. The Qraft AI-Enhanced U.S. Large-Cap ETF (QRFT) and the Qraft AI-Enhanced U.S. Large-Cap Momentum ETF (AMOM) are both actively managed and rely on Qraft’s proprietary AI Quantitative Investment System known as AQUA.

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Qraft Technologies participated in ‘2019 Samsung Venture Investment Partners Day’

‘The 2019 Samsung Venture Investment Partners Day’ was held on 25th April, where eight local promising startups including Qraft Technologies were invited. ‘The Partners Day’ is attracting attention in that the event was hosted by Samsung Venture Investment, a subsidiary company of Samsung Electronics. The company was founded with a purpose on investment and has delivered M&As as well as stock investments for Samsung Electronics so far.

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Qraft Technologies Attracts USD 10 millions in Investment

Delta AI Unicorn Investment Fund, with IBK Capital, Hana Financial Investment Co.,Ltd., and Kyowon Invest, has invested $10m in Qraft Technologies, a financial AI startup. The enterprise value for this investment is estimated to be over $100m. The investment will be used for strengthening a lineup of AI ETFs, R & D and overseas expansion of AI solution.

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